Author: Bruce Gaston


Cover of the Dutch version of the Irish History Compressed e-bookDit e-book, een korte geschiedenis van Ierland van de prehistorie tot de eenentwintigste eeuw, is bedoeld voor iedereen die snel inzicht wil krijgen in het onderwerp of die zijn kennis erover wil opfrissen. Dit beknopte maar bondige boek is in een paar sessies uit te lezen: ideaal als u een samenvatting van de belangrijkste feiten wilt en geen tijd of zin heeft om academische pillen te lezen.

De geschiedenis van Ierland in een notendop bevat daarnaast korte biografieën van belangrijke personen uit de Ierse geschiedenis, een tijdlijn van de Keltische tijd tot en met 2012, en aanbevolen literatuur over de Ierse geschiedenis.

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Review of The Border by Diarmaid Ferriter

The Border: The Legacy of a Century of Anglo-Irish Politics Diarmaid Ferriter Profile Books London   A combination of the Decade of Commemoration in Ireland and the shenanigans around a Brexit deal have led to a renewed focus on the…

A Beginner’s Guide to the First Dáil

What? The first Dáil. OK, and again, what? “Dail”? No, “Dáil”, with a fada. That accent thingy? Yes. What does it do? It changes the pronunciation. And the correct pronunciation would be? Doyle. As in Mrs Doyle? From Father Ted?…


My review of Oscar Wilde’s Elegant Republic: Transformation, Dislocation and Fantasy in Fin-de-siècle Paris by David Charles Rose has just been published online and will be included in the next issue (26.3) of Irish Studies Review.


‘Kevin O’Higgins’ Comma’

One of the most popular posts on this website – for whatever reason – is Significant Commas in Irish History. While looking for something completely different, I came across an article in The Irish Jurist about the second of the…


A website I’m coming to appreciate more and more is It’s very useful for finding primary sources such as articles or collections of speeches from the 19th and early 20th century (all of which are out of copyright by now).

Just recently I found Home Rule: Speeches of John Redmond M.P., which contains speeches from 1886 to 1909, and also The Select Speeches of Daniel O’Connell, M. P.

Definitely a lot more convenient than hunting through dusty volumes in the archives, though part of me does miss the romance of doing that…

Declassified Papers 2017-18 edition

The yearly declassification of secret government papers under the "30 year rule" continues to produce interesting material – especially as far as Northern Irish history is concerned, as 30 years ago means 1987, right in the middle of The Troubles.…