Irish History Compressed e-book – second edition

Irish History Compressed e-book 2nd edition cover

The redesigned cover for the second edition

A revised and slightly expanded version of my short history of Ireland should be available from all good e-book retailers by the time you read this.

A couple of years ago, when the offer came to translate the original e-book into German (see here for details), I decided to make use of that opportunity to make a few revisions and corrections, and also write a new end section. The previous version ended with the economic crash of 2008, but since then Ireland has seen a number of highly significant events such as the referenda on abortion and same-sex marriages, the 2020 general election and the effects of the Brexit referendum in the UK.

The book, though, remains true to its original intention of giving a readable overview that can be gone through in about an hour.

Anyone who owns the original ought to be able to download the new edition free of charge.

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