Ireland’s Decade of Commemoration: A List of Anniversaries

For my own reference as much as anyone else’s I’ve drawn up a list of dates within the much-discussed ‘Decade of Commemorations’, aka ‘Decade of Centenaries’ (which seems to last more than ten years, but never mind):

Introduction of third Government of Ireland Bill
September onwards: Signing of the Ulster Covenant
January: Formation of Ulster Volunteer Force
November: Formation of Irish Citizen Army
November: Formation of Irish Volunteers
August 1913-January 1914
Dublin Lockout
Passing and suspension of Third Home Rule Bill
September: Split in Irish Volunteers
First World War
24 April–30 April: The Easter Rising
July-November: Battle of the Somme
December 1918
General election across Britain and Ireland
Dáil Éireann (‘first Dáil’)
The Anglo-Irish War/War of Independence
December 1920
Partition of Ireland
Truce and negotiation of Anglo-Irish Treaty
Establishment of Irish Free State
June: ‘Pact’ election
Start of Civil War
August: Deaths of Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins
December: Secession of Northern Ireland
May 1923
End of Civil War

One can of course argue about whether all of these deserve to be commemorated, and how. The list could also be expanded by, for example, including significant events within the War of Independence or the Civil War, but I wanted to keep it manageable. (That doesn’t preclude me adding to it, however.)

If anyone wants a copy for reference, teaching, whatever, a pdf can be downloaded from here.

Ireland's Decade of Commemoration: A List of Anniversaries by