Which three topics really engage Irish Americans?

According to the Irish news website Irish Central:

There are three topics that fire the imagination, that really engage Irish Americans – Michael Collins, President John F. Kennedy and the Irish Famine. If you want to create a website with maximum impact, mentioning all three subjects will guarantee good traffic.

That is our finding here at Irish Central, where any mention of any of the three sparks a huge interest among our two million monthly readers.

Interestingly, although this blog gets by far the largest part of its readership from the USA, Collins’ short biography is the least visited of the biographies published here. He is outranked by old comrade and rival de Valera. But by far the most interest is shown in Roger Casement: not what I’d have expected.

Read the full article at http://www.irishcentral.com/news/irishvoice/Collins-JFK-and-the-Famine—a-look-at-where-the-Irish-American-mindset-is-at.html#ixzz2vXpriqX5

Which three topics really engage Irish Americans? by